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Welcome to Miniature Drums!

This web site is a collection of all of the different manufacturers of miniature drums and drum sets.

Do you have a favorite drummer? Do want a replica of his drums from a particular tour?

Our site is dedicated to these little reproduction sets and the famous drummers that played these very popular kits. Many of them were custom ordered and built by the manufacturer.

So finding a replica kit is a great way to have a tribute kit on display in your drum room, office or bedroom. We have scoured eBay to put together a "mini" drum set gallery for your convenience!

If you are looking for kids drum set, then head on over to our specialty website for those.


Miniature Drum Sets

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Welcome to Miniature Drumsets! This web site is dedicated to small drum sets and drum sets that are created to copy drumsets of famous drummers. Ringo Starr Miniature Drums, Neil Peart Miniature Drums, famous drummers drum sets, drums in small scale, little kids drums, and other small drum sets.

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